Goodfellows History

John Branxton Goodfellow  (1895 – 1975)

John Branxton Goodfellow was born in Branxton, NSW on 29.09.1895.  The family came to Queensland when John B. was very young and settled at Mt Gravatt.

After returning from World War One where he was seriously injured, he was advised to work outdoors instead of continuing with his plumbing apprenticeship.

His father (also John) had bought land at Kallangur in 1917 while John B. was overseas on active service.  On returning home, John B. bought land adjoining his father’s and later on acquired more land opposite in what is now known as Goodfellows Road.

After growing small crops, John B. became interested in poultry through his father who bred white Leghorns.

After leaving school in 1938, daughter Malveena (Coe) helped with the poultry including trap-nesting until she joined the Air Force in 1942.

It was after the war years that John B. entered his white leghorns in the Pine Rivers and Redcliffe  Agricultural shows with a great  deal of success.  His best effort was Grand Champion of Redcliffe Show.

John B. established a registered hatchery and for many years competed in the NUPBA egg laying competitions.

About 1953 John B. retired to Mooloolaba where he became interested in Old English Game bantams (through Mr Arch Davies) and also had success with his old English game, black red cock, wheaten hen, light legged poultry in the Great North Coast Society until the early 1960s.

John Goodfellow is survived in the Pine Rivers Shire by grandson Ross Coe who also pursues the hobby of breeding and showing exhibition poultry.