Welcome to Goodfellow’s Poultry

(This website is currently under reconstruction, please be patient as we fix things!)

Welcome to my website.  I hope that this site helps those that are interested in the preservation of domesticated fauna.  My hobby is working on promoting and preserving heritage poultry.  I focus on the Wyandotte breed and I have bred and shown the gold laced variety since 1995.

I was introduced to poultry by my grandfather John Branxton Goodfellow.  My parents, brothers and sister were given his Old English Game bantams when he retired from poultry and I enjoyed exhibiting these in my teens.

30 years later when my family and I moved onto small peri-urban acreage, I renewed my association with poultry.

If you are able, please help in the preservation of the genetics of these farmyard masterpieces from yesteryear.  I believe that the best way to do this is to exhibit the animals.  This helps you to pick the best examples to breed with.

Even if you are not already engaged in this fascinating hobby, I hope that you may, in the future, meet me at a poultry show.

This website is dedicated to and named after my grandfather and there is a brief family history on this site.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ross Coe